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WASTE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, INC. warrants all Max-Pak equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service as indicated by the owner’s manual and manufacturer’s specification sheets.

All warranty periods begin on the date of manufacture.

The Standard Vertical MP60HD – UL Listed, Cardboard Baler will carry a limited warranty of two-years on parts, one-year on labor, and two-years on the structure. At the end of the first year, labor and shipping costs become the responsibility of the customer. All other Vertical Balers carry a warranty of one-year parts and labor.

The warranty period is with the following exceptions/limitations:

  • Any single-phase motor will be limited to a 90-day warranty.
  • Any Max-Pak Baler used outside the Continental United States will have a warranty of one-year parts only.

All Horizontal Balers carry a limited warranty of one-year parts and labor.

All Compactors carry a limited warranty of one-year parts and labor.

This warranty shall be limited to the factory authorized repair or replacement of defective parts as stated above. Repair or replacement shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer. The purchaser hereby expressly waives all other damage and claims, statutory or otherwise.

This warranty shall not apply:

  • If the equipment has been operated in excess of factory recommended specifications and hydraulic pressures.
  • For processing of material not recommended for introduction into baler.
  • If failure is due to external electrical service, external conditions or operator error.
  • If failure or damage occurs through lack of or improper maintenance, improper loading including but not limited to uneven loading or side loading, accident, improper installation, unauthorized modification, acts of nature, or other causes beyond the control of the manufacturer.
  • To “wear and tear” consistent with normal machine use.
  • To any and all electrical components on machines where a phase converter of any type is utilized.
  • To conveyor belting including lacing or lacing hinge wire.

This limited warranty does not cover lost time or contract shortfall due to equipment in operation, whatever the problem.

Modifications of any kind made to the equipment without the express written consent of WASTE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, INC. voids the warranty.

The Customer/Dealer must call Max-Pak and get an approved Service Work Order for any service work to be done. No warranty repair will be paid without an approved Service Work Order number on all paperwork. If a part has failed during the warranty period, the Customer/Dealer must return the defective part to Max-Pak within 15 days for testing. If Max-Pak determines the part to be in good working condition or we do not receive the defective part within the given period, Max-Pak will invoice the customer/dealer for the new replacement part.

Items not covered by warranty:

  1. Fuses
  2. Electrical power source to the equipment
  3. Limit Switch Adjustment
  4. Oil leaks where tightening of Fixtures are indicated
  5. 3-phase electrical components in applications where a “phase converter” is utilized
  6. Wear Materials
  7. Damage caused by improper operation
  8. Eject Chains or Retaining Dogs
  9. Conveyor Belts

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