Two-Ram Balers

The MAX-PAK Two-Ram Baler is for those demanding applications that require versatility and maximum production. The Two-Ram can switch from OCC to shredded paper, to aluminum cans, to P.E.T. and back to OCC without missing a beat…delivering uniform bales with integrity, time after time, bale after bale.
  • Bale a variety of materials, including newspaper, extruded aluminum, UBC, bulk OCC, P.E.T. plastic, and textiles
  • Heavy duty construction, with tubular steel frame and AR400 steel in high wear areas like the floor and packing platen
  • Hydraulic regenerative circuit and air/oil cooler delivers high performance at lower oil temperatures
  • Automatic wire tie system
  • Left hand or right hand automatic eject


Smaller Footprint. Smaller Price.

  • Up to 15% smaller footprint compared to our full size Two-Ram Baler
  • Priced up to 30% less than full size Two-Ram
  • Max-Pak System Integration – All Components, From the Conveyor to the Electronics to the Streamlined Hopper, Are Engineered as a Package Design
  • Features – Same as our full size Two-Ram, including control system, high pressure hydraulics, heavy duty tubular steel construction, wire tie system and more
  • Versatility – Easily bale bulk occ, news and all types of paper, P.E.T. and other plastics, non-ferrous metals, and more
  • Continuous power curve – Load sensing, horsepower limited pump delivers constant flow and power throughout the baling process for maximum productivity
  • Cycle times from 17.4 seconds to 19.58 seconds, depending on model
  • Bale Size 30″ x 45″ x 60″
  • Bale Weights up to 1300 lbs. for newspaper, up to 850 lbs for P.E.T., up to 1200 lbs for bulk OCC
  • Packing force 143,257 lbs.
  • Operating pressure 2850 psi

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The MAX-PAK Two-Ram baler is the fastest and most productive machine in the MAX-PAK lineup. Because it can bale a variety of materials, it could very well be the only baler you’ll need in a high production environment.

  • Generous hopper openings can handle oversized materials with ease, and without the need for shredders or fluffers.
  • Three-wall bale chamber and extended ram penetration maximizes bale density while maintaining bale integrity.
  • Automatic eject, can be configured for left hand or right hand.
  • Automatic wire-tie system will secure bales with as many as 13 straps per bale. You’ll use less labor to produce bales faster – bales with integrity that stack and transport easily, for higher profit margins.
  • Hydraulic regenerative circuit and air/oil cooler deliver faster, cooler cycle times.
Heavy Duty construction, with only the highest quality components.

  • The foundation of MAX-PAK’s legendary strength starts with the tubular steel frame. We build it so strong that the base frame of a MAX-PAK baler has never been bent or distorted when used in accordance with specifications, as intended.
  • Heavy gauge abrasion resistant steel is used in high stress areas, like the packing platen, floor and side walls.
  • Cylinders are trunion mounted for extra strength and protection.
  • Electrical systems meet higher standards than other balers, and hydraulic systems are engineered to withstand 5,000 psi, well beyond the machine’s peak demand of 3,000 psi. This “over-engineered” philosophy means the MAX-PAK Two-Ram baler will run cooler and more efficiently, and cooler hydraulic systems perform better and last longer.
  • 350-400 gallon oil reservoir also ensures that hydraulic oil will remain cool, preventing premature wear of hydraulic components.
Safety is foremost with the Two-Ram baler as it is with the entire MAX-PAK line. It’s why we offer operator training with every installation, so your crew will know the proper – and safe – way to operate the machine. In most cases, a properly trained 18 year old* employee can safely operate the MAK-PAK Two-Ram baler. (*The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires baler operators to be at least 18 years of age.)

  • Safety starts with MAX-PAK’s heavy duty construction, including our heavy wall tubular steel frame, trunion mounted cylinders, and AR400 floor and platen for extra strength.
  • Each MAX-PAK baler is designed to far exceed minimum standards for stress and pressure. Our culture of over designing our machines creates an incredibly strong, safe baler.
  • Safety interlocks are installed on doors and removable panels so baling automatically stops it the door is opened.
  • All MAX-PAK balers have bilingual safety stickers and caution decals.
  • All MAX-PAK equipment meet or exceed all applicable OSHA regulations and are built according to ANSI Z 245.5 safety requirements for baling equipment.
  • All equipment has provisions for Lock-Out Tag-Out procedures, so the electrical panel and operators can be secured when servicing or inspecting the machine.

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