Horizontal Balers

MAX-PAK is a world leader in Horizontal Balers, with machines designed for total automation, economy models for baling only cardboard, and high production machines that can bale multiple materials with no advance preparation.

Horizontal Closed End Full Eject

  • Bales multiple materials without advance preparation requiring fluffers, shredders or perforators
  • Bales high grade paper, OCC, plastics, and all non-ferrous materials
  • Extended penetration of ram to within 6 inches of packing wall defeats memory of plastics
  • Wide mouth feed opening prevents jamming
  • Bales up to 5 bales per hour P.E.T. bottles
  • Packing force up to 190,852 psi
  • Available in 3 configurations

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Horizontal Open End Auto-Tie

  • Automatic wire tie system
  • Bales a variety of materials, including cardboard and carpet
  • 18 different models and sizes
  • Bale weights up to 2100 lbs.
  • Up to 204,000 psi packing force

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Horizontal Closed End

  • Bales multiple materials, including high grade papers, post-consumer plastics, OCC, textiles, and all non-ferrous materials
  • 25 different models and sizes to choose from
  • Bales sizes from 30″ x 36″ x 60″ to 48″ x 36″ x 72″
  • Bale weights from 1200 lbs. up to 2100 lbs.
  • Bales up to 5 bales per hour P.E.T. bottles
  • Packing force up to 165,405 psi

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HCE Full Eject Stampler

  • Stampler Feature compresses material below the shear point, to allow baling without shearing
  • Operator can elect to shear material or not shear
  • Allows for baling of hard-to-shear materials, like plastic sheet and cloth
  • Stampler also acts as a clearing press when machine is in standard operational mode
  • Can bale sheet plastics, textiles, office paper, OCC, P.E.T. and non-ferrous metals
  • Bale size 48″ x 30″ x 60″
  • Bale volume 50 cubic feet
  • Bale weight up to 1300 lbs, OCC
  • Packing force 143,256 lbs.

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MAX-PAK horizontal balers are engineered to out perform other horizontal balers in numerous ways. As a matter of fact we’ve been leading the industry in horizontal baler designing since 1976. MAX-PAK engineers have designed “ease of use” features through out the machines making them incredibly user friendly. In most cases, a properly trained 18 year old* employee can safely operate the MAK-PAK horizontal baler. (*The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) require baler operators to be at least 18 years of age.)

  • During operation, material can wedge under the press head, creating jams. To remedy this situation we have a unique flooring feature that is significant in keeping material from getting under the platen.
  • We place electronic photo eyes in the hopper to activate the automatic cycle, so all you have to do is feed it material and the baler does the rest.
  • We know that your recyclable material isn’t always a perfect, small size; therefore we use wide mouth in-feed openings for a variety in sizes of material.
  • For our closed-door machines, we offer an optional slotted ejection door, which allows you to keep the bale tightly compressed against the door while tying it off, keeping your bales very densely packed.
  • Most of our horizontal balers are equipped with regenerative hydraulics for high speed and lower electrical cost. With regenerative hydraulics the speed of the press is increased by approximately 50% while advancing under minimal load. This provides for significant improvement in throughput and lower energy consumption.
MAX-PAK balers are built from the ground up for superior strength and outstanding durability. From the beginning MAX-PAK balers have been built with the highest quality components available and with the most demanding applications in mind. Even high volume professional recyclers find MAX-PAK to be durable beyond compare.

  • We build our balers with A-36 structural steel frames, A514 reinforces areas of high stress and strong rigid container walls provide high performance and long service life.
  • We use heavy-duty TEFC motors with greased fittings and bearings, and totally enclosed fan coolers.
  • NEMA-12 and UL approved electrical panel and control assembly are incorporated for assured quality, workmanship, and safety.
  • Only the highest quality hydraulic components are used to provide years of dependable service.
  • Quality workmanship and utilization of up to date tooling ensure all MAX-PAK balers will work when others have failed.
MAX-PAK balers are designed and built for superior performance, ease of use, durability and strength, but safety never takes a back seat. When our team of designers and problem solvers take on the design of a new baler, they make sure it far exceeds the minimum standards for stress and pressure. Our culture of “over-designing” our machines creates an incredibly strong and very safe baler.

  • Each MAX-PAK baler is designed to far exceed minimum standards for stress and pressure. Our culture of over designing our machines creates an incredibly strong, safe baler.
  • Safety interlocks are installed on doors and removable panels so baling automatically stops it the door is opened.
  • All MAX-PAK balers have bilingual safety stickers and caution decals.
  • All MAX-PAK equipment meet or exceed all applicable OSHA regulations and are built according to ANSI Z 245.5 safety requirements for baling equipment.
  • All equipment has provisions for Lock-Out Tag-Out procedures, so the electrical panel and operators can be secured when servicing or inspecting the machine.

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