Foam Balers

Nobody builds a better foam baler than MAX-PAK. Designed from the ground up for the unique challenge of baling high memory materials, MAX-PAK ‘F’ Series balers will out perform even balers that cost significantly more. Wide mouth feed openings eliminate the need for shredders when foam goes into our balers; the spring loaded retention system keeps it in place; and our unique design provides superior bale escapement when you’re done.

Horizontal Foam Baler

  • Bales foam and film as well as bulk OCC and bulk ONP
  • Wide mouth feed openings from36″ x 72″ to 46″ x 72″ depending on model
  • Passive spring loaded retention system eliminates spring back from high memory materials
  • Dampened hydraulic system cushions the shock to hydraulics that can result from baling foam
  • Bale size up to 48″ x 36″ x 60″
  • Bale weights up to 1500 lbs. for polyurethane foam, up to 1860 lbs. for bulk ONP
  • Packing force up to 130,690 lbs. at 2600 psi
  • Available in 2 models

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MAX-PAK Foam/Film Balers are engineered from design conception to final product, specifically for baling high memory hard-to-bale material. Our Foam/Film Balers are not just a modification to an existing machine design. We’ve learned you can’t efficiently bale high memory materials with a typical multi-use or cardboard baler.

Because we’ve gone the extra measure to design specifically for Foam and Film, MAX-PAK users find our ‘F’ Series Balers easy and safe to use as well as very cost effective, out performing other ‘lesser’ equipment.

  • MAX-PAK Foam/Film Balers produce heavier bales – about 1300 lbs. from Polyurethane foam, and up to 1500 lbs. from heavier medical and packing foam materials. Heavier bales mean greater transport efficiencies and lower freight costs.
  • MAX-PAK Foam/Film balers can produce a dense, heavy foam bale in approximately 30 minutes. The same material may take a cardboard baler up to 3 HOURS to produce a bale.
  • In-feed openings in ‘F’ Series Balers are almost three times the size of typical cardboard baler openings. Smaller in-feed openings mean that other manufacturers must often add a shredder to their baling system, to reduce the size of foam particulates being baled.
  • MAX-PAK ‘F’ Series Balers use a longer ram cylinder stroke to force more air from the foam as it is being compressed. Typical horizontal cardboard balers use a stroke of 88 inches, while the foam baler has a stroke of 105 inches, which results in higher bale densities.
  • As air is expressed out of foam, the next critical step is retention. A cardboard baler will use 6-inch retention dogs, which is fine for cardboard but not very effective for foam. MAX-PAK ‘F’ Series Balers are designed with 15-inch ‘elephant ear’ retention dogs that penetrate the bale sides a full 12 inches to hold the compressed foam in the baling chamber completely.
  • Foam bales also require specialized sheering equipment not found on cardboard balers. MAX-PAK has designed a serrated knife and sheer system for our ‘F’ Series Balers that cuts through foam cleanly, and prevents material from becoming trapped under the ram and jamming the baler.
  • The MAX-PAK Foam/Film Baler is designed for easier bale escapement with a tapered bale chamber that goes beyond the typical taper in cardboard balers.
  • There are more than a dozen other key design differences that separate MAX-PAK Foam/Film Balers from the rest of the field. These proprietary features have placed MAX-PAK ‘F’ Series Balers in a class by itself when it comes to serving the baling needs of the Foam and Film industries.

The MAX-PAK reputation is built on durability, with balers that deliver years of dependable performance. The ‘F’ Series Balers have been designed on that basic principle as well, using only the best construction materials and components available.

The demands of the Foam and Film industries are unique, and MAX-PAK is the one brand of baler that can meet those demands with uncompromising reliability.

  • MAX-PAK Foam/Film Balers use heavy tubular steel construction for structural integrity, and heavy abrasion resistant steel where it’s needed most in high wear areas.
  • TEFC motors with greased fittings and bearings, and totally enclosed fan coolers are standard on all MAX-PAK balers, including the ‘F’ Series.
  • MAX-PAK balers use only electrical controls and components that are UL Listed and Approved.
  • Hydraulic components are ‘over-engineered’ to withstand pressures beyond what the machine demands. ‘F’ Series Balers can also be adjusted to meet the hydraulic requirements for baling specific types of materials, since high-memory materials are not all alike. The ability to adjust hydraulic system pressures allows for maximum efficiency.
  • MAX-PAK designs balers for your specific needs. While standard offerings and standard options are a good starting point, we don’t stop there. We’ll design the baler that satisfies YOUR unique requirements. In fact, the first ‘F’ Series Balers were developed to meet one customer’s request for a very specialized situation. MAX-PAK believes in stepping up to any challenge, with the flexibility and innovation to solve your particular problem, ensuring maximum performance and profitability for years to come.

Heavy duty construction of MAX-PAK Balers ensures long life and performance, but it also means that your MAX-PAK Baler will not compromise the safety of your operators.

From the structural steel framework to the over-designed hydraulics, MAX-PAK far exceeds the minimum standards for safe operation. All MAX-PAK equipment meets or exceeds applicable OSHA regulations, as well as the ANSI Z 245.5 safety requirements for baling equipment.

  • Bilingual safety stickers and caution decals are standard on all equipment.
  • Lock-Out Tag-Out provisions allow operators to secure the equipment while performing service and inspection procedures.
  • Safety interlocks shut down baling operations if the door is opened, or a panel removed.
  • Operators are thoroughly trained upon installation by a MAX-PAK factory technician, to assure full knowledge and understanding of safe operating procedures and MAX-PAK safety features.

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