Since 1976, Waste Processing Equipment, Inc., has been making MAX-PAK balers and compactors for the waste industry. It was something we had to do. You see, we were also in the waste paper recycling business back in 1976, and 40 years ago we couldn’t find a baler that performed the way we needed.

We wanted a machine that would give us a high-density bale that would be consistent in size and weight for maximum efficiency. We couldn’t find one. So we built our own.

Being in the waste business has its advantages when you’re designing a baler. Not only did we understand the challenges and demands expected from a baler, we were able test and fine tune our ideas in a real working environment – our own.

For our baler customers today, it means they get the benefit of our front-line experience and our determination to only build the best. A MAX-PAK baler was not good enough for our customers unless it was good enough for us.

At Waste Processing Equipment, we take a personal interest in every machine we sell, and every customer we serve. It comes from our small town heritage. It’s who we are. So it also makes sense that we offer to deliver and install every baler ourselves, and then train your operators before we leave. We want you to be a friend and a MAX-PAK customer for a long time. That’s part of our small town, small company mentality.

But make no mistake. MAX-PAK is no lightweight when it comes to balers. You’ll find our equipment in some of the most demanding industries, with some of the most particular companies.

In the design of our balers, a major emphasis is placed on the safety of operating the machine. We also take special pride in making balers that will operate for a long period of time with very little maintenance. We have designed a frame strong enough to withstand the pressures of baling to prevent any bowing in the doors or walls.

We choose the best hydraulic and electrical components available in the United States, and build our balers to standards beyond what is expected in normal use. Some say we ‘over-engineer’ our machines. Perhaps. But it means fewer problems for our customers.

We have balers that have been in the field for many years without a breakdown. If a breakdown does occur, most troubleshooting can be done over the phone with our technical support engineers. In the event you do need on-site service, we have a national network of service representatives, so we can have someone at your location promptly. We constantly strive to maintain that level of quality in our service, and in the craftsmanship we put into our balers.

Our customers have come to know and trust MAX-PAK for productivity, reliability, and integrity. So it’s no surprise that over 90% of all MAX-PAK balers ever built are still on the job.

And we plan to keep it that way.

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